Ward City Shopping Complex

Gampaha district is considered most popular district for living and records highest growth rate. The good weather conditions, good water, good education. and good infrastructure facilities are plus factors to derive this demand. Furthermore its close proximity to Colombo, location of international airport and country´s largest and foremost two export processing zones together with many other industrial towns have added to strengthen it.

Gampaha town is the administrative centre in the district. Gampaha Base Hospital and many private hospitals, top national and international schools, a large number of private tuition classes are located here. Accordingly a large population comes to town. Accordingly there is a very good demand for shopping space and office space within this highly demanded area.

Having realized this demand company acquired a prime block of land in the heart of Gampaha town. This land located on Mary Bisso (Queen Mary) Road is an ideal block for a commercial complex with shops and offices. This land is located in preferred zone identified by statutory authorities for special development. The triangle from Railway Station to Base Hospital between Colombo Road and Queen Mary Road is taken in to this special zone.

The "Word City Commercial Complex" coming up here will have 196 shops and over 12,000 Sq.ft of office space with 10 units of escalators, four elevators including two observation lifts, basement car park and all amenities. This will be a state of the art design to match today´s demand in the industry.

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        Last Update : 2018-09-01