Sun Ray Apartment Complex

Gampaha district is considered most popular district for living and records highest population growth rate. It has many advantages such as weather conditions, water, education, and infrastructure facilities. Countrys international airport, two largest and foremost export processing zones and many other export processing zones, the second industrial city of island etc. are located in this district. Gampaha district records the highest population growth rate mainly due to urban settlements. Therefore it has a ready demand for a large housing stock. National statistics say it already has a shortage of 35,000 housing stock and demand goes up every year. Furthermore, one significant commitment of the recently elected government is to develop all three districts in the western province.( i,e Colombo, Gampaha and

Kaluthara) as one parcel to a Mega polis and hence a lot of opportunities will arise for the development in the district On the other hand Gampaha town is the administrative centre of the district. Base Hospital and many private hospitals, top national and international schools, a large number of private tuition classes are located here. Gampaha railway station is one of the busiest in the country for train is the fastest comfortable node of traveling to Colombo. Therefore the demand for housing units in Gampaha city is always very high. Realising this demand company secured a prime block of land on the Yakkala

Road and arranged to put up 51 apartments in 9 story building with three supermarket blocks in the ground floor. Underground car park will provide dedicated parking facilities for one vehicle for each apartment.

Towers Plans / Prices