Orex City Shopping Complex

Why Ekala junction is selected for the our next commercial development

Ekala situated in Ja ela local authority area in Gampaha District was the location for the
second industrial city of Sri Lanka which has very large work force today in about 175
factories. The Ekala junction with four roads leading to Jaela, Gampaha, Minuwangoda
and Negambo through Pamunuwa has made this junction a very busy place especially in
the morning and evening with factory employees.

Since Colombo- Kurunegala No 5 bus root and the Jaela- Gampaha main road are going
through this place, it had become busy other times as well for there are many residencies
in the area. Recent housing developments such as Niwasipura, Millennium city etc have
attracted many settlers in the area significantly increasing population density.

Most of these commuters and residents have to go either to Jaela or Gampaha for their
day to day needs. Non availability of parking facilities at Jaela town, heavy traffic in
Colombo Katunayake road at Jaela etc made them prefer to go to distant places to buy
their needs since there is no such commercial centre in Ekala.

Although there is a good potential to be developed as a commercial centre, the land at
Ekala junction had been a constrain. Three of the lands in the junction including this orex
land were not available for such development while other land was only small residential
blocks owned by individuals.

The Orex land now proposed to be developed is ideally located between Kurunegala road
and Pamunuwa road right at the junction. The careful selection of locations with high
prospects, coupled with sound customer base which is confident in GDC for whatever
development by it was the reason behind the success of all its commercial developments
in the past. We are confident that this two will become another landmark development in
Gampaha district.

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        Last Update : 2018-09-30